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The Recruitment Agency With Social Responsibility

We help people find part-time jobs with flexibility and a commitment to social responsibility. Our agency ensures a fair hiring process without bias or discrimination. It gives all candidates an equal opportunity to compete and make informed decisions.

Our purpose is to raise awareness about gender equality. We also want to highlight the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the UK job market.

We attract companies that strive to make a positive impact in their local and global communities. We support our clients by donating free training and educational opportunities to the local youth or any initiative related to domestic abuse.

Our Values





Positive impact

Positive impact





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Our Services

1. Recruitment

Verko offers a wealth of advantages by accessing a wide pool of potential hires.

Save time and hassle. We take care of the hiring process, from writing job descriptions to conducting interviews. Throughout, we provide ongoing support and guidance, answering all your questions so you can make the best decision.

job placement services from a recruitment agency

Our recruitment services cover permanent, temporary and contract roles

in the following industries

technology job vacancies
start up job vacancies
education job vacancies
manufacturing job vacancies
Healthcare job vacancies
hospitality job vacancies

Recruitment Steps:

Candidate Sourcing

We find the best candidates for your jobs. Our service brings in top talent, helping your company find and hire the right people easily.

Recruitment Solutions

We’ll help you make a good hiring plan that fits your company’s values. We’ll give you a smart and affordable solution for your needs.

Career Growth

We’ll help your team be their best. Our guidance boosts careers, improves performance, keeps people, and makes your business successful.

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2. Training

One of our goals is to empower women and inspire them to build a career. 

Our training programs help women overcome barriers in the workplace. We offer workshops addressing gender issues, bias, roles, and economic gaps. Our goal is to guide women in achieving their professional potential through flexibility, quality part-time work, and entrepreneurship

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3. Consultancy

We offer personalised consulting to assess and improve your workforce, focusing on gender representation, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our professional development services unlock the potential of your team and organisation. We provide the expertise and guidance to achieve career goals, enhance employee performance and retention, ultimately boosting your business’s success.

job matching services from a recruitment agency
job matching services from a recruitment agency

Who are we?


It comes from Esperanto, a language created to eliminate communication barriers between ethnic groups by providing a politically neutral, culturally free standard language.

Every business is different. So, we are here to help you find the perfect match for your job and company culture.

We’ve worked in different industries and know many talented candidates.

No need to stress! Our consultants strive to make the entire recruitment process as smooth as possible.

What is our mission?

“Our mission is to provide companies with the most talented and cost-effective workforce solutions and empower women to achieve leadership positions.”

Welcome to the world of possibilities!

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